Thursday, March 18, 2010

*winge* *moan* *ow*

I have bellyache.

And a headache.

And I'm all snotty.

I am poooooooorly.  Poor me.

In other news, the Black Pig now looks like this.....

She has been taken to pieces.  She has been an utter pig about it, but hey, what's new with that automobile!

I am continuing with the focussing on what feels right for me, and for the AC right now, as per docs orders lol.  I phoned about the counselling, and that will happen.  I'm not afraid to face my feelings and talk them out - I'm not going on any little white pills though, I don't need to.  Doc and I agreed on that one - I'm strong enough to manage without.  I see it more as my brain chemistry knows what it's doing, and I don't allow myself to over indulge the negative emotions - I put them on here, out of the way, and then move on.  I have a small person who must come first.  In everything.

So to school.


With or without the headache and the sick feeling? Only time will tell..... it is *such* a great healer.... NOT"!

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