Thursday, March 4, 2010

World Book Day '10


It was World Book Day again.  Already.  That means it must be March.  Already.

Obviously the AC wanted to go as an armourer.  There are lots of them in the books that he reads.  He had Rich's helmet and webbing.

See the camouflaged effect.  You can hardly see the child....
But he smiles beautifully.  So gorgeous.  So open.  And the colour of the uniform really brings out the green of his eyes.  Hazel like mine. Expressive like Rich's.  Loving like both of us.
The caretaker from school helped him with his camopaint.  He used to be in, so he knows what he's up to.
It started off in lines.  Over the day, it got much more smudgy!
I went as Dorothy.  That dress was hired.  I need to make a more fitted one! It's put about 2 stone on me lol!

It came with a wig.  The AC was not impressed with the wig.  And please to be noticing the smudgyness.  (This photo was taken at the end of the day!)


We went for fish and chips and hot chocolate for tea.  AC ate an adults portion, and cleared his plate.  He was so tired, and it's been a difficult pain day for me today, so we thought we'd go out for tea!

These are last years.  Part of relishing this Year of Firsts, is to look back on days like today last year, and love them.  Last year the AC was Obi-Wan.


I was in Rich's clothes.  I remember him tucking and folding and all sorts to get me into them.  I remember him getting me out of them as well, but that's not for a family blog! (I'm not sorry about the sex references by the way.  We had a great sex life, that was the best either of us had ever had - he was quite disparaging about some of his ex's, and we both said that neither of us had connected on such a soul love level before, and that showed in the sex.  I miss it, and I mourn for it.  I mourn our sex life like you wouldn't believe.)
Anyway, we had a great day, but I have the equivalent of carpet burn from the netting.  Not comfy.  The day ended with Ivan coming over for a coffee, which was nice, and we chatted about everything, nothing, like you do with good friends.  

Bedtime now though.  The scarf is getting really long now.  1 ball of wool down, some more to go.  Maybe a whole ball, maybe not!

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Chef Penny said...

Wow, what a tough day to get through!!! Praying for peace tonight!

Btw, you made a super cute Dorothy and that was one handsome boy!