Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to school again

It's the first day of summer term today.

At the end of this term will be a year of us being apart, a year of no phonecalls for the BG, a year of no tickles for the AC, a year of no warmth in the bed for me.

A year.

It barely seems possible, and yet all too impossible to believe that it is only a year.

The plans for the YaaD celebration are well underway.  The last of him will be set free in the woods, so that he is back to the Earth that bore him, that he loves, so I will always know where the last of his earthly remains are so that I can show BG, I can take AC there on a regular basis.  It's somewhere fun as well as woody, and that's the way it should be - Rich was too great a man to be remembered with tears forever, and it is somewhere that we have memories of being at.

The weekend was good, in many ways, difficult as we went through yet more firsts, through 9 months, but it's ok.  It will all be fine.  Things happened that made me smile through to the eyes, for the first time in a long, long time. I think I'm fine with it all, I just need to talk to someone.


Time to do work.


sarah said...

thinking of you tonight.

Chef Penny said...

Oh and happy 1st day of term!

Chef Penny said...

Smiles are good! We like to see smiles! You can make it. Take care of you first. (((hugs))))