Monday, April 26, 2010

So much to say,

I have so much to say, but there are 2 important things.

Swallow whatever you are drinking now people.  I mean it.

One is that I have heard that the reason Rich didn't speak to Ian-the-brother was because (are you ready people?) Ian and I were originally together, and Rich had stolen me from him.  I laughed when I was asked about this.  I was asked in all seriousness, by someone, how long Ian and I had been seeing each other.  I said that he and I had never met until the day of the accident.  The person who asked me believed me, but said that this was all over where he had heard it from, and that was the cause of the issues between Ian and I.

Not the fact he took Rich's ashes without telling me, deliberately, and scattered them, deliberately without me.
Not the fact that I was told that the AC didn't matter, that his and Rich's feelings for each other didn't matter.
Not the fact that he was finding truth difficult.


Apparently the "fact" was, that he and I had been an item.

Get a grip.

The second is that I love this song.

(DepecheMode - Somebody)

for a reason.



Angharadz said...

Thank you for the much needed warning !
All the same, I am really struggling here - my mouth is entirely wedged open, this is unswallowable barminess.
Apart from anything else, when on earth would you have had the time even supposing anything approaching the inclination??

Some people really do live in very very weird mental unrealities, I can only grieve for you that your reality requires you to deal with such boggle...
As you say, entirely laughable, were it not for the credulity of others that renders such stories seriously degrading and offensive.

Caroline said...

I am quite literally wetting myself laughing reading that. Not at what happened or any of that (i know you know that but others may be confused). Yet another chapter for the book me thinks. *hug*