Thursday, May 27, 2010

Broken AC

The AC broke last night, big style.  Assembly had been about if you could spend a day with your hero, who would it be?  Obviously the AC wanted to spend the day with Rich.  Last night he melted down completely again (although the first time in several weeks I think) and cried as though his little heart was broken.  He ended up staying up until just before J got home whilst I calmed him down, loved him, cried with him a little bit, and listened to his hurt just pouring out of his body.

He was scooting up the stairs just as J got here, and so J called him down again, and they had 5 minutes on the sofa to cuddle so he could tell J all about it, and he did, without tears, and then J put him to bed and all was well.  He now doesn't go to sleep until J gets home.  He has to know that J is safe.

They are both so great.  I am so lucky.

In other news,

I have a new child next year who requires me to be restraint trained to have him in my class. 

I have to spend the next 7 weeks working with someone who I have a low opinion of professionally and who doesn't like me and I don't like her.  And that's ok - you can't like everyone, and some people like no-one!  But the reason she'll be in my room with one of my children is because she won't do something that another child needs her to do, so my TA has to go to that with that child, and I get this other woman.  But it's only Thursday mornings.  I can be nice to someone for 21 hours of my life. I'm going to pray to find lovely things about her that are really likeable.  I didn't find them in the 2 years she worked in my room before, but I might find them this time.......

Someone phoned whilst I was cooking and I didn't flour the cake tin.  I did grease it.  It was a loaf tin and the cake stuck.  Like an absolute sod.  It tastes gorgeous though, and we will be having it in lunchboxes today!

Speaking of which, I better go and make them.

I am so behind on reading blogs, I'm hoping to catch up in half term.....

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