Friday, May 28, 2010

Mobile blog test

I'm trying a mobile blog app on the phone of geniusness.

It's early morning. Real early, and I'm lying here, thinking about my tattoo. Yes. A tattoo.

I'd like a book, with 4 things coming out of the pages. A rainbow, a dove, and "philippians 4:13," and one other verse which I am yet to decide upon. I want it on my skinny old ribs, which will hurt, or on my shoulder. But if I have it on my shoulder I can't see it! And I can't wear ball gowns. Or off the shoulder tops.


And just to test, this is us at the beach.

In other news, I walked 5.7 miles yesterday (in 2 lots of about 2.3 and 2.4 as it was slightly longer back to home) to go to a TaHMS meeting.  It was good, and whilst I was sore in the evening in the hip, I managed to do both lots in around 40 minutes, which isn't bad really.  Stupidly though, I had boots with a heel on them, and that's why my hip was sore.

Last day of school today before half term.  Non uniform! Yay!

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