Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday again?

Another one?

Just how many Fridays are there?

This is the 42 week Friday.  For some reason, best known to itself, but probably pregnancy related, this week doesn't matter as much as next week is filling me with doom.  Why?  Well, no doubt at some point next week my subconscious will actually mention it to me. 

Or it might not. Y'know how subconsciouses can be.  If that's even a word.

In other news, I've done the adults lists for the trips, I've organised next week, I've still got to plan Monday for everyone, but it's going to be about Tudor clothing, and that's the focus for the day. So there.  We're still 2 teachers down.  We're coping.  Well.  I'm coping.

In other news some more, we are still waiting for the result for the General Election.  It's looking like a hung parliament, but it looks as though Henry Bellingham has held Norfolk North West, which is a good thing - he's a good Norfolk lad who knows the area, the constituency, the people.  He also sent me a lovely letter after Rich died.

Plans for this weekend are loose, but mainly involve J and I sorting through the front room.  There are things to be saved to send to BG when she is bigger, there are things to be binned, things to be saved, things to be cherished.  J is being so supportive about all of it, and is lovingly leading me through the end of the harshness of this grief stage.  He is amazing with the AC, cuddling him when he cries for Rich, as he still does.  AC loves J (his words) and is thankful to God that we have J.  Yes.  *he* is thankful to God.  It is a step towards the angry child forgiving the Omnipotent Being for taking away the man he loves.  We've talked about how things have changed, will change, how they changed when Rich moved in here, how they changed when Rich died, how they changed when J and I (accidentally almost) started seeing each other.  It's only been 3 weeks, but the changes in us are noticed by all around us.

Right now, I feel like life might be fine, that it will all be fine, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't an oncoming train....

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Chef Penny said...

Yay! I am doing the Snoopy dance for you!!! God is good all the time!

As for the stinky subconcious, that Long Island iced tea will take care of it. And you can still say you are drinking tea! lol