Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Busy few days.

It's been hectic.

We've painted.
We've got rid of the black pig.
We've had Memorial Day. (yeah, I'm English, I can still remember...)
We've moved things around.
We've progressed our relationship.
We've spent wonderful time together.
We've worked and played hard.
We've started creating our house together.
We've cuddled and cried.
I've emptied a computer and watched video of Rich, and cried.  Looked at pictures of him and the AC, old ones of him and the BG, and cried.
I've explained to someone on the phone again that he is gone and what happened, and whilst he lived here I am not allowed to be his next of kin through other people's selfishness, to the point that I am not even sure where he now lies, and so this letter is not my problem, thankyou-so-much-good-bye-now.

And I've made cheesecake, the NARRRRSTY-EST biscuits in the World, nice biscuits, surprise cakes, bleugh cakes with veg oil in them not butter (never doing *that* again!)

But for now, J is on his way home, life is tricky but not impossible, and we will overcome.

It *will* all be fine.

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