Friday, June 11, 2010

Windy Friday

It was a long night last night.  The rain was intense and the wind was all over the place.  I'm glad that mum and dad were able to come over yesterday with Peter and do the patio doors and sofa operation.

This means several things.

1) We have the new-to-us sofa in the house.
2) We have the old sofa out of the house.
3) If the old sofa gets wet it doesn't matter lol!
4) The dining room table is outside.  This I do not like as it means we are eating on the sofa and not at a table.  Bad for backs and children's manners. (In my not so humble opinion lol!)

The other news is good and just plain weird.

Good news - we may not be having the new carpet down just yet.  For why is this good news Dear Reader?  Because the week after the Year and a Day Celebrations, we will be becoming the loving owners of a black Labrador/retriever cross puppy.  He was born 2 days ago, and currently the wish from the boy and the man is to call him Storm, or Sky.  It depends what he is like.  The child is excited, but understands that we now have 8 weeks to look at what he needs, how much work he will be, how we will train him (untrained or badly trained dogs are a menace to society), when he'll need to be neutered (unneutered dogs and cats are the mark of an irresponsible owner, unless you're planning to breed.  There are too many accidental puppies and kittens as it is.) how many walks he'll need (ideal for getting me moving lol!) and all that kind of thing.

Weird news - I met the parents of the new children that are coming from another school to our school on Wednesday evening. One of them is 8, is a girl, is from the right part of the USA, and is called the same name as BG.  I haven't seen her yet, but.... ouch.  That hurts.  I'll never know how BG is, what she's up to, all that stuff - I mean if her mother won't even show her an e-card we've sent, what's the point in sending anything else, it'll all go in the bin, just like her mother said it would.  She's always been vindictive, but to cut her daughter off from a woman who loves her and who has the last memories of her father is just vicious.


I need to look at our routines again as they are set up for 2 people, (1 adult, 1 child) and now there are 3 and sometimes 4, and the household will be.....

1 x guinea pig (although he may be going to go and live with Aunty Hannah)
1 x lab/retriever cross dog.
1 x Big Fat Cat
1 x Small Ginger Cat
1 x fishtank
1 x crayfish
1 x Boa constrictor.
1 x Royal Python
1 x Albino Burmese Python

The last three move in over the weekend.  All of these require maintenance, feeding, handling, caring for etc.  Oh, and let's not forget that I start my Post Grad in September, and will be on the way to my Masters, and having pieces of paper and letters after my name that say I *do* know what I'm talking about, so listen or don't listen but foe heaven's sake put your child's needs first.

47 weeks today.
5 weeks to Year and a Day.

It's going to be a lovely celebration, and the details are almost worked out (not that there are many lol!) and it'll be great to have somewhere to take the AC and to go myself, and for J and the lads to go that means something to us.  It'll be great to release Rich into the light to go and be someone else, as he believes.  It'll be great to have somewhere to take the BG if she is ever allowed to know anything of her father as he really was and comes over to England.

I wish......

But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Time to get work done.

Laters peoples.

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