Monday, July 5, 2010

BVF was.......

..... utterly ace.

There were some dodgy bits, like the fact that for some reason a friend of J's just blanked me the entire weekend, for reasons best known to herself.  She was very chatty to him, but just ignored me or looked through me or whatever everytime.  Was I bothered? Slightly, because I've done nothing to upset this child (I say child because she is 23 and behaves like one lol!) but I'm also not bothered, because I know I've done nothing.  I met some really cool friends of J's that will come to be friends of mine, and life was good.  Camping was brilliant, although there are adaptaions to J's routines that need to be made if we are taking children again.

4th July at April and Curt's place was fantastic.  Big American bbq session.  April was the lady who taught me that not all American women are nasty minded and deliberately hurtful, and she also showed me that there are American women who can cook properly, not just burn things in the oven that came straight out of a packet!  She is wonderful.  They have all been very accepting of J and of how my life is progressing, and that's the best bit.

Unfortunately I came home to find that Dave, the crayfish, had, for some reason best known to himself, shuffled off this mortal coil.  Whether it was the stress of 2 moves or something, I don't know, but he is an ex-crayfish.  I cried and cried last night.  Rich and Sam bought Dave for my birthday in the year that Rich died.  He was supposed to live 8-10 years.  I don't know why he died, but he did. :-((  Now I have to explain that to the AC as well.

And we have entered 2 weeks to Rich's death.  The countdown started Saturday, but the Friday feels more significant, I don't know why, it just does.  Life is like that.  This time last year Rich had just come back from being away, and came home on trip day (Friday just gone)  The She-Ex had been vile again, and I was spending ages trying to help sort out BG's reading, only for the She-Ex to say it was helping initially, and then lose interest in doing it and just be nasty again.  We were planning a future, and although we'd lost 2 babies that year, we were getting ready to try again.

It's hard not to look back to a year ago, or even two, or even to 2009 when we woke up to the fact that the She-Ex had made stuff up to get him removed from the house in such a nasty manner.  Little did we know (I would put, "little did any of us know" but I think she had it planned all along) that BG would be gone for good by the end of 2 months.  Little did any of us know that Rich and I would be together.  Little did any of us know we would be ripped apart.


p.s. no, I haven't had an answer to the emails of before.  All she had to do was ask polietly and I'd have Fed-Ex'd the thing to her, but she couldn't even do that. She can't have it both ways!

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Caroline said...

Glad you and Jack had a good weekend. Sorry to hear about Dave :(

Ps. Fed ex her anything (ANYTHING!!!!) and i will seriously question your sanity.

Loves you