Thursday, July 29, 2010

A long week.....


Saturday - forgot what did.
Sunday - Church
Monday - supposed to be cleaning, ended up in A&E with Charlie who has a broken thumb, finger, scafoid (probably)
Tuesday - Cleaned J's old house
Wednesday - Cleaned J's old house.
Thursday - today.  Clean our house, Families Day, cooking, taking playhouse down, all kinds of stuff really!

Tuesday and Wednesday I was at J's by 6.30, Tuesday finished at 2pm, Wednesday finished at 4pm.  It's nearly done.  Then he'll be moved into here properly. 

It was filthy, and several jokes have been made by the family and friends about having to clean yet another ex-wifes mess up, but whilst this was grim in places, mainly dust and so on, it wasn't as vile and unhygenic as Lori's old house when we cleaned that.  J's-ex has been out of the house for 9 months, as oppose to about the 4 weeks that Lori was out, and for 3 of those 4 weeks Rich was away getting help like a sensible person would, so J has been able to clean the place whilst he's been there as well, unlike Rich who wasn't there at all.  At least the pans in these cupboards were clean!  Who puts dirty washing up in a cupboard!

But it got me thinking.  Bleach usually gets me thinking.

How much self respect must you not have for yourself, if you can leave a place looking like that?  If you later learn that even the RAF gave up on the house and gutted it because it was *that* filthy, then that must make a person realise what a dire state they were living and raising a child in.  They said they could tell how hard we had worked to clean it, but to save our time and energy and money and just give up.  It made me have a double look at the way I was raising the AC, just to check that there was nothing like that in our lives that I was missing.  It was useful like that.

Speaking of which, I have to get on with here.  Shower, then off we go!

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Chef Penny said...

I love reading about the new chapter in your life!!! Love it!

I agree too. I see others that live that way and think what??? Then I try to extend grace to them but it's really hard when the place stinks! lol

Glad to see you smiling again!