Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chillin' week!

This week the boy and I are on our own.

T-Boy is with his mother after we'd had him here for a week.  It's been..... interesting.

Yesterday the boy and I did Not A Fat Lot.  We tidied, sorted through Rich's kit from the bedroom, bagged up his clothes for the charity shop, and put the shoes in the blanket box where all his uniform has been stored until now.  I remembered him wearing so many of those things, I could see him, but they are no good to him now, and they are cluttering up the way that the AC and I *have* to move on.  We cannot be stuck in the past.  Apparently this is a Very Healthy Attitude.

On Sunday Ray from the Excalibur Unit came to look at Ellie.  She is officially off to them at some point in the next couple of weeks.  He's going to phone tonight.  Yes, it'll be an almighty wrench, but she will be shown in Rich's memory, complete with donation plaque saying who he was and his dates and things like that.  She will raise money for Help for Heroes.  Rich was and is, our hero.

Today though, today is a year since we cremated him, and that's tricky. In a good way. Kinda.  Today is when all the nastiness really kicked off from I-t-B.  Do I think it was done from selfishness to hurt the AC and I? No.  But I do think it was done to prove who had the power over Rich's remains in an attempt to prove that he and Lori were closer to Rich than AC and I were.  A year on, they are still as deluded as ever if that's what they think lol!

Today the child and I have chilled on the sofa, eaten an entire packet of party rings, hit the sugar high together and then the sugar crash on the sofa dozing together, played Reversi (it's like Othello.  Heavens, it is Othello, but repackaged.)  Mum is on her way over with more board games to play and life is good.

Life is always as good as we make it.  I am, despite appearances lol, a very lucky girl.

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