Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I can smell bread.

I can.

It might only be 0551 (and what does the O stand for...............) but I can.  The breadmaker timer is fabulous.

Yesterday was hard work but pretty good.  We ended up (I say we, I mean me!) cleaning the AC's room from where he and T-boy had played, doing the dishwasher, cleaning all the limescale from the toilet (a job only sporadically done in the last 12 months!) making chocolate lollies, making chilli and bolognaise, stripping out the middle room to find the source of the smell (found it, mouse, cheers Kevin and Jo!) and removing said mouse, which has calmed the snakes down already.  Obviously being able to smell food and not get to it, as they would have seen things, is just frustrating, so explains their attitudes in the last couple of weeks.  It was behind a bookcase. *sigh*  We also went to an organ concert in the church with my parents and had lunch out with them and did some Poundland shopping which is just the way things are at the moment, and that's ok.  Payday is Thursday, we have plenty of food in the house,  and life is good.

I still need to sort out the AC's school uniform, but we don't go back for another 2 weeks, so that's ok.

As last time I blogged was Wednesday last week, I shall bring you lovely people up to date on our lives.

Thursday and Friday followed pretty much the same pattern.  We got up, T-boy and I had a discussion about his breakfast - Thursday he didn't eat it, and indeed had nothing until lunch, and then lunch wasn't what he wanted, so that was an issue, (although it was food that he eats) and so the pattern continued.

Saturday was a long day.

0830 we picked up the new car.  Black.  Gorgeous.  pictures to follow (I say that a lot recently, but I will be doing a photopost.)
0930 we left for J's parents.
1130ish we arrived at J's parents, having had to phone the garage on the way as the electronic handbrake wasn't working properly.  I say properly.  I mean.... at all.  We are told to switch it off and on again and all will be well.  We decide to wait and do this at J's parents house.  Handbrake goes on nicely.
1230  Handbrake does not come off.  Phonecalls to garage result in RAC man who discovers that not only is the handbrake switch not working properly (he thinks, based on previous experience, but can't test it without the VAG computer) but the fuel filter has not been seated properly when serviced and has shed diesel over the engine, engine bay, undertray, bonnet, and of course, that most unimportant of things - the wheels and the road.  Phonecall to garage to book car in (at their expense) and slightly explode about the fuel filter - any monkey knows you have to grease a seal when you put it in.

Laters.  AC is up!

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