Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ho hum......

Well, I've done it, and am half way through being accepted for the initial part of my Masters degree.

This bit will be my Post Graduate Certificate in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. Oh yes!  It will take a year, is financed by the County, and will help me to understand my children better, and to send that information out to help others help their children better in my school.  I am already the "go to" person for a lot of minor SEN work, and that's nice (although lots of work lol!) and as the Mental Health Lead for the school I have a lot to do with the emotional children, so it's all cool.  Mandy says it is basically legitimising what I already know and adding to it, which is excellent news!

AC and T-Boy are playing upstairs.  T-Boys mother has decided (without telling J or T-boy) that she is moving T-boy to another part of the country.  It's only a couple of hours away, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but seriously, after everything that Rich and I went though to keep the AC near his father, and then there are mothers who just don't care about the needs of the child, or the safety of the child, or the emotional stability of the child, and just transport them anywhere that the selfish desires of the mother say so.  I'm sick of it to be frank, and we are going to fight this in a way that we never fought the She-Ex because she was vindictive enough not to send photos when she was annoyed with Rich, and to make sure BG was "out" at phonecall time. Heaven only knows what she would have done if she thought we were trying to argue the toss to actually see the poor child.  She denied Rich that so many times.  Now BG will never see her father again, and that's her mothers fault.

Thankfully this is only a couple of hours away though, and so life is easier, but more expensive on fuel and so on.  We'll manage - just cut back in a few areas.  I offered not to do the course, because there will be expensive parts to that, but J has insisted that this is for all our good, not just his and T-boy's, and so I'm doing it. (And Very Excited about it too!)

Anyway,  the parents are due here soon and the kitchen needs doing before we go out, so I'd better snap to it lol!

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Monica said...


i have missed. so. much!

living with someone, new child in the pack, a masters.....!!???

i'm over the moon to hear such good things in your life.