Friday, September 17, 2010

Just a few words

This morning we were talking about the weekend. We had planned to move the bedrooms round, but now it looks like things are conspiring against us. J's parents are coming on saturday, and we have to seed the old house lawn before the 22nd, so we'll make a start. I said this to him this morning and he said "We've got the rest of our lives love!"

What a lovely idea.

The rest of our lives. Together. A girl can dream......

14 months today. It's a Friday and it's the 17th. It's just before his birthday, just before the she-ex went back on her word and took his daughter, just before he had a nervous breakdown, caused by her actions.

I miss him. I love him and miss him like a brother, or a best friend who knew everything about me. I can't miss him sexually or as a lover anymore. We move on because it hurts too much

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Chef Penny said...


It's ok to still miss him. I am proud of you for recognizing that but still moving on with it.

As for the home plans, I hate it when I want to do something like move rooms around and have to do something else instead. Makes me not want to do it but do it we must! lol