Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's here!

The modules for my course have arrived!  Cue more excitement and a lot of work and buying books from Amazon.

Yesterdays course was amazing in the morning.  J asked what we had been doing.  Obsessional Behaviour in Autistics and Psychological theories of Autism.  We covered the Theory of Mind, Central Convergence, and Executive Function.  The interesting thing for me was that I could think of different children who would fit each different theory.  It was just so great to be around professionals who were teaching and learning in the same way that I do, about the same things that I do.  Unfortunately it was only a morning, but it was great. )But I had another nosebleed!)

I still have the ongoing itunes battle with J's laptop, but I will win.  I will. *shrug*  It is only a computer after all, not rocket science.

I am going to have to become so much more organised though. This could be a problem.........

gtg - habing another nosebleed.  3 this week so far!  I probably should see the doc soon I think.

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