Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is going on?

Once again, I am on only a few hours sleep.  This takes my grand total for the week so far up to 13 hrs in 3 nights - not my usual 24!

Ah well.

I'm at a conference this morning on Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Obsessional behaviour and the Psychological impact of ASD.  It's going to be good,but I  may have to turn myself into automatic note taking mode and read them back later to make any sense of it!  But I'll take the netbook, so at least they'll be legible.

The AC is struggling with Rich's death again yesterday - he misses him, and he is angry with the woman that hit him.  Whilst perfectly normal to feel this way, it's hard for him to go through, but he has support and he has love and the confidence to express his feelings, the photographs of the two of them together to look at, his memory box and so on, and he'll get there.  But if you're of a praying sort, please remember him.

Laters people.

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