Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ow. Moan. winge.

Well, I've been to the doctor.

My bloods, which were taken last week, are not good. *shrug* Nothing I can do about that at the moment lol!

My knee requires an ultrasound, as I may have a cyst on the back of the joint, or I may have cartilage problems, or I may have ligament damage, although no one can work out how.  So it's ultrasound, and then maybe surgical team.  REEEEAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY?  I think not!

I am to strap my knee.

I am required to do a stool sample. (And no, it doesn't mean pictures of backless chairs from my house.)

I am to have more bloods taken in a months time.

I think I am falling apart.......

On the other hand, HURRAH for the National Health Service, which will sort all this for me.

So I'm sitting with my leg up, watching Ray Mears cook limpets on a beach.

And to fill in the gaps, parents evening was not too bad, although the ability of parents to dismiss what they do to their children with their selfish attitudes amazes me still.  Once again, the parents I needed to see didn't come, and the parents I didn't need to see came.

I handed my essay in, (well, sent it in via e-mail) and I am waiting for the result now.

We had a fabulous weekend in Wales with BFF and BFF's man, and my Gorgeous Godaughters.  Utterly fabulous.  Weird in some ways, to be with BFF without Rich, and it was upsetting at times.  Not as upsetting as me trying to understand fashion was for everyone else.  However, I now have a fashionable coat, if a cold bottom!

Ah well my lovely people.  Work calls....

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