Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parents Evening

I'll be at school until at least 8pm tonight. *yawn* Parents evening *yawn* The parents I want to come won't, the parents who don't need to come will.

Oh, and the He-ex phoned school yesterday to demand copies of letters be sent to him as well.  Although I'd already told him about parents evening, and about the AC representing his school tomorrow in the Area Cross-Country (Yay my academic and physically excellent child!)

And yesterday the Next Door Woman complained our cats were nicking her dogs food.  Well, he's a Jack Russell, he's 11 weeks old, and you're feeding him outside because your children are not yet well behaved enough to not eat dog food.  They are cats.  They will do it just to annoy him I expect.  And he's a yappy little rat on a rope type dog, of the kind that tore my parents cat apart because it was badly trained.  Excuse me for my lack of sympathy.....

Golly I'm mardy today.  Watch out kids...... lol!


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