Friday, December 3, 2010

Cold, conspiracy, confontation

It would appear that everywhere else in the country is trapped by snow.  Schools are closing, trains are at a standstill, airports are closed.  Here?


Here there is a light dusting, enough to be pretty, enough to be slippery, enough to excite the children without allowing them the outlet of actually doing anything with it!  We are fortunate in many ways not to have the snow, especially as we had it so badly at the start of the year.

However it is cold.  -3 for playground duty yesterday.  I still took the children out - it's cold, but not killing cold for healthy children lol!

And then there is the football.  2018 World Cup has gone to Russia.  Putin didn't even turn up, where England's bid was presented by royalty and very high government.  However, even though the Russian stadia are not built yet, and the transport between games could be up to 1000 miles, that's where the cup will be.  Bribery and mafia connections have been denied, but will be investigated.  Really?  I think we can predict what the investigation will find - nothing.  It won't be allowed to find anything.

The last part of the title was confrontation.

It's facebook based, and, in my opinion, incredibly petty.  Someone put on their wall that they didn't see why the students should be rioting and setting fire to things.  I argued the case that students have been told for years to work hard and so on, and now can't afford to go to University, and feel cheated, not only that but Scotland and Wales now get their fees funded, and England faces a massive hike in fees.

Yesterday morning she had deleted me as a friend.  Now to be honest, she was a work colleague who doesn't work at our place anymore, so it's not a great loss.  It just amazed me that she couldn't cope with a difference of opinion.  We all have opinions, and they are different.  If we all thought the same the world would be a dull place indeed!  However, the inability of some people to even consider that others might think differently is something that saddens me, as from people like that come wars.  Now I'm not saying that this person is about to invade Norfolk or whatever (she's snowed in anyway, so she couldn't if she tried!) but the point is that the utter inability to deal with another view point is dangerous.

And don't get me started on the Wikileaks that the US think the UK troops did such a poor job in Helmland.  Fine.  Bring all our boys and girls home.  Your Mr Bush made this mess.  You sort it out.

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