Friday, December 17, 2010

Last day of term

Today is the last day of term. I don't like last days of term, generally, as a rule, mostly, kinda. I want the holidays, because I want to spend proper time with my beloved child. We have a lot to do as well! We have biscuits to make, and decorations to make, and a tree to get and decorate, and a cake to do, and presents to wrap, and all that kind of thing. We're going to a Carol concert in town, and grandparents to see and Things To Do.

We are going to be busy. Busy is good.

But there is a joy to share as well. On Wednesday night we went indoor flying. My son learnt to fly a helicopter with J. They sat together and when the AC managed it and swiftly picked it up to fly forward and backwards right and left hand circuits, J was so proud - almost as proud as AC was of himself.

The last night they started building a baja bug together (YouTube it!) and it will be a long and complicated job, but to see them planning something together was a joy to behold. We are so blessed to have had two men to raise the boy who love him so dearly, whoare sch good fathers.

It is sad in some ways, because their own children didn't have the benefit of their brilliant parenting. But that was the choice to their respective mothers, not mine and the AC. We just got lucky.....

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