Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twas the morning before....

.... the night before..... Christmas and all through this house,
not a creature is stirring, (the cat ate the mouse.)
No stockings are set by the chimney with care,
because there's every chance that we won't be there.

The child is nestled still snug in his bed
Whilst visions of helicopters fly through his head.
And J in his duvet is still having his sleep
Whilst I have a long list of "to do" to keep.

All over the country arose such a snow
That kept them all in, with nowhere to go
There is nothing here though to stop our travelling
And so I sit with my mind unravelling.....

Anyway, I could carry on like this for hours, because this poem is quite good, quite easy to pick the rhythm up from and simple to copy, but to be frank, I don't have the time.

Today we need to find space for the tree, put up, decorate and stack presents under said tree.  I need to do Christmas shopping for a variety of people, including the two boys that I have with me.  This will include wrapping paper and stocking fillers.  I have to prepare a meal for tonight for a guest, which I suspect that T-boy will refuse to eat, so I have to make something for him. (Against my better judgement) I have to tidy, wash up, wash clothes, think about packing for Friday, wrap presents, and write cards.  We need to decide if we are going to go to Leamington for Christmas or if we are staying here because of the weather.  We have no snow.  Nothing.  De nada.  Other places have 10 inches.

Oh, and I would like to make biscuits etc as presents for people as well.

A brief update of My Life Since Friday.

Last day of term, also a 17th, also Christmas performance, also Life Being Tiring, also a partly (ice based) interesting drive to Leamington to collect T-boy and staying overnight with J's parents.  Who are Lovely.

Drive back to here, food shopping, working, sleeping, Baja Bug building.

Baja bug building, over sleeping, dinner making

Card making, tidying, grumbling T-boy (about everything!) patient AC, router no longer wireless for reasons best known to itself

Washing machine fountain (not in a good way) pipes frozen, Dad to Save The Day, T-boy difficult, less patient AC big computer plugged back in, I unfreeze all pipes except the washing machine one which is an Odd Shape.


Dad to finish Saving The Day, T-boy absurdly difficult at lunchtime, AC not patient at all, me not patient at all, Mother to Save The Day, extra children in the afternoon to distract all of us, deep breaths all round, T-boy angry because he can't have same snack as the others (he didn't eat his lunch at all - should be cheerful he got ANY snack!) supplied tea I knew he would eat and all went flying in the evening.



And over all of this is the Solstice, which was Rich's Celebration of this time of year, and I miss him.  But I have decided I will probably send the DC after Christmas if she asks again.  I can be the bigger person.  Metaphorically speaking.

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