Wednesday, December 8, 2010


...... one voice.

Totally gone.

Hmmm.  I can't phone in sick to work - Sue would never hear me, and would think I was a heavy breathing pervert.  I also feel fairly ok, or at least I will do once I've showered and eaten.  I'm not sure how contagious I am - I must have got it from some child anyway lol!

I'll just do a lot of ActivPrimary stuff I think, and we'll see what happens.  At least I can arrange with Sue to text in tomorrow and she'll know it's for real lol!

And yes, I'm lol-ling.  I find it funny when I don't have a voice.  Once the sore throat has stopped, obviously.

In other news, I logged onto Yahoo messenger for the first time in a long time yesterday.  The AC and I changed the clothes of my avatar.  (That was why we'd logged on in the first place!)  The She-Ex was on.  I almost messaged her to ask how she was, how BG was, but I didn't.  I thought she might be nasty, not wanting anything to do with me as she said so, so clearly.  I didn't want the AC to see it - he still talks about her and BG, still includes them when he prays, (although the deity he prays to varies, depending on whether he is a druid today or not!) and so I didn't want to shatter that for him.  The She-Ex has been so horrible about him in the past, and I didn't want to take the chance.  I hope they are well though, and planning a glorious Christmas.

What else?  Not a lot really.  I did some 1-1 tutoring, and if you've got children you might like Count On, which is really useful for maths games.

Tesco delivered last night.  Apparently ASDA will deliver to here now - I must check that out.  Anyway, it's almost ten to 7, so I'd best shake myself and turn off Torchwood before the AC comes down!

Laters people.

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I don't know why you aren't getting my messages.


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