Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The voice.....

..... is a bit there and not there this morning.  This is not a good thing.

However, I've only got to teach this morning, and one of the hours we'll be swimming for, so it's not a heavy load today.  I do have 1-1 Tutoring tonight though.  The nice thing is that I know now that it is about £20 an hour take home, so that's what I need to think about.  Tonight's child is a lovely child, (as is my Friday child!) but he has no interest in being in Tutoring, and is just doing it because his mother wants him to.

J was at the model shop until 10pm last night, with Christmas coming up it's so busy for them.  I did some work but couldn't concentrate so didn't do very much at all really.  Bad form there!  I will do more tonight.

Mary and Joseph were painted yesterday, as was the background, and look lovely, although  massive, and quite how they are going up on the wall I'm not quite sure, but we'll think of something.

My knee is getting worse now, and I actually can't put any weight on it if I've been sitting down.  It eases up within a minute though, so that's fine.  I should have an orthopaedic surgeons appointment later in the month, and that'll get it fixed.

Oh and we also had a phonics staff meeting yesterday, and I was told by the consultant that I could happily carry on doing what we were doing, and not have to follow Letters and Sounds to the absolute ... letter I suppose!  Anyway, I am a happy lady, because now I can a) adapt my teaching so that it meets the need of the child (concept!) and b) I like being right.  I know.  But really?  Who doesn't!  I have not been smug about it though, I'm just getting on with it.

Laters peoples.  I have to shake my tail into the shower.

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