Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can't get going!

I seem to be running on slow this morning!

I've fixed the router in the short term, although it's still not wirelessing as accurately as we would like, so it looks like we are getting a new router.  J wants to go Sky.  I'd like BT HomeHub with the Wifi anywhere, so I'm calling both companies tonight to see what that looks like.

School has some very hurting and complex children in it right now, and that's without the boys I spoke of a few days ago being back.

Here has some loving and happy people in it, and that's the way it should be.

I was talking to J on Sunday, about bullying, about the way He-ex and the She-ex bullied Rich and I, and looking at Maslow to see where their deficiency lay that made them act that way.  It's all emotional, which is why they are both worse at different times of the year.  And if it's emotional, can I blame them for their bullying behaviour?  The answer I came to was that I cannot blame them for their anger, or their bitterness, because that's emotion, and how a person feels cannot be changed.  But I can blame them for their bullying, for their continued nastyness and their horrific attitudes after Rich's death.  And because I can blame them, I can start to say "Yes, this is something concrete that you did, now I can work on forgiveness." because there is something there to forgive.

Did any of that make sense to anyone else?

and it's almost 7 and I should be dressing!

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