Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playing when I should be working.

I had a little tweakette of the ol' blogarooni this morning.  Shabbyblogs, who are gorgeously sharing and caring about their FREE backgrounds have changed servers, so I had to have a little look, and change a few things, and there we are!

I like it.

In other news, life is good.  MEd work is hard (and if anyone would like to read a copy of my essay then just comment me and I'll 'mail it to you) and teaching is harder when parents are selfish and unreasonable.

Yes, it's all to do with the divorce case that I can't talk about, and another child who has an incredibly selfish mother, and and and......  I am sure, for these children, He weeps.

I am also up to the heaviest I have been in a loooooong time.  10st10.  150lbs.  Not good when you are only 5ft3.  In the overweight category according to the little lines.  Ho Hum.  Breakfast...... ;-)

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