Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheats and Liars.

I knew the He-Ex was low, but I always believed he could be better.  I really did.  And now he's playing the martyr because I said he was manipulative and a liar.  I think someone who tells you that they can't afford to pay for something because they have spent all their money on going to see their infirm mother, and then goes off for a weekend to Amsterdam, is indeed a manipulative liar.

Part of me knows I should CSA him.  Part of me knows that I have to be the bigger person about this, rise above it and carry on regardless.

In other news, OfSTED like what I do!  Hang out the bunting and party!  I am officially ACE!  There will be more details as I am able to give them, but I can't right now. :-(

Thankyou for all your prayers though.  One more day, and they are out of our lives for 3 years.


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