Sunday, January 23, 2011


Still working.

Now it's just the stuff I would do anyway.  In fact, aside from catching up on the marking, most of what I would do is the stuff I would have done anyway.  That's a good feeling, because if the OfSTED goes ok, it means that every day I'm doing my job the right way.

I've written as a parent as well, to say that the care that the AC has received through the school has been the best it could have been, that he has been supported, loved and pushed through when he needed it.  And I bawled my eyes out whilst I was writing it.

There have now been 2 suggestions that I go for counselling.  The trouble is that I think people think I sit and cry all the time, and I don't, it's just every now and again, and that is perfectly natural at this stage of grieving.  Now it's about all the future that we could have had, and didn't, hence my post the other day about the other trouser leg of time.

Maybe I'll look into it again.  I'm not afraid of it, and that's more honest with myself than doping with little white pills would be.  For me, those would be the lazy way out, because this isn't depression, this is grief.  There is a massive difference.


Numeracy APP.

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