Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Day back? Countdown begins.....

It sounds really odd to say that on the first day back my children and I started counting down to holidays.  I needed to impress upon them how long we had left, and how much we had to do in that time.  i.e, Not Long and Lots.

But it was good.  Tiring, but good.  Going back in Spetember always exhausts me, and this has been a bit like that I think.  The children were lovely, but noisy, as this particular class are, and they worked reasonably hard, but will work harder today. Oh yes. 

This week is not a seriously difficult week anyway.

Tuesday - Teach in the morning, Prep time in the afternoon (which I actually used for prep!)
Wednesday - Teach in the morning, school talent show in the afternoon.
Thursday - Teach in the morning, swim in the afternoon.

It's amazing though, considering how close I live to school - i.e. I can walk there in 10 minutes if I *don't* hurry - how much has changed without being mentioned.  Like my swiming time. And the talent show times.  And the passcode for the door.  And the registers.  And someone is leaving (not desparately sorry, although I'm trying to be.  She hates the child that she is with, so she's better off doing something else, much better for him) And the topic for next term has changed beyond all recognition from what we originally talked about.

Oh well.

Today we shall work out the costings for the mini wedding reception the children have been asked to organise for Friday.  Apparently the Queen didn't fancy going to the main one and doing the Macarena all night, so her Saturday butler, Ivor Lotowork, was talking to me on Facebook on Sunday (just after the corgi had been sick on the red carpet and the chef had thrown a fit because he can't get enough red jelly for the puddings for Friday) and I volunteered the children to help.  They have a little catalogue, a list of things to order, and they have to work out how much they need to order, and how much that will cost and so on.

Then we shall read some more of our book, "The New Girl" about bullying, and we'll talk about the reasons why people bully, and what we can do about it.

Then we shall make our passports ready to travel around the world and get them stamped.

It's all good!

Reading the book has made me consider my actions though, and how bullying works in the adult world.

The She-Ex is a bully, when it comes to me.  There was something that she wanted (Rich) and she wasn't going to give up hurting me until we had split up and she had got him back.  But I'm an adult, I can control how I feel, and so I could stand up to her.  After the accident, when she wanted a Death Certificate, and was bullying me constantly about it, verbally abusing me, I was less able to control how I felt, and always, always being able to time something nasty for when there was a big event going on.  Like this, just before the inquest.

bg has the blog she will have that
you however are no longer important to her life.
you are just some slag he slept with for four years.
sorry, hate to tell ya that
but you and ian can kiss off

both of you wanting to take the ONLY THING bg has of her father
nuh uh...not happening

At the time I had no idea what she was on about, and it turned out to be the medal, which neither his brother or the She-Ex deserved, in both mine and the RAF's opinion, but next of kin is next of kin, so that's where it went.  But I didn't need verbally abusing on the Thursday before Monday's inquest.  Previously to that, I'd had to have other people filtering my emails from her, because she was so nasty.  Grief is a funny thing....


I need to be sure that the things I say are not verbally abusive.  I know that there were times when I stood up for myself, but I've just looked back and I rarely swore, and only (most humourously) in posts that started with things like "Yes, I'm having a go at you"

Ah well.  She's out of my life now.  Unfortunately, that means BG is as well, and I still love that child, and always will.  She will always be welcome to talk, to stay over, heaven's, she could LIVE here anytime.  Her mother isn't a bad person, just let the bad stuff out in my direction too often, made some bad choices and had to live with some stinking consequences.  I'd be angry if I'd messed up my child's life as well.

In other news, we have our stairs back!  I have freecycled all the rolls of carpet that we had on there, and now 2 children have new bedroom carpet, someone's cabin by the wood has lots of hallway carpet and a Big Rug, and the offcuts have gone as well.  I will get there.  We will have a lovely, lovely house once more.

But now I have to get the child up, make sandwiches, get clothes on, and go to school.  Laters people!

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