Thursday, April 28, 2011

Red White and Blue...

Today we are heading to school wearing red, white and blue in honour of tomorrows festivities.

Tomorrow, instead of watching the wedding, I will be travelling to Devon for Nanna's 90th.  We will be camping. J is not massively happy about 7 hours driving each way (it should only be 5.5, but it's the start of a 4 day Bank Holiday, so *shrug*)  AC is looking forward to camping, and to seeing lots of other people, Nanna is probably looking forward to being 90, I don't know!

I'm feeling a little *blearh* today. It's just tiredness and a general feeling of what am I doing in the world, and it comes and goes.  I know what it is about at this time of year, and I'm kind of ok with that.  I can't change what happened, so I have to just ride the rollercoaster each year.  Interestingly, the coaster starts to flatten out a little more each year, but it's all good because there's usually some other massive bump inserted into the coaster to keep the thing going!

And now it's 7am, and I need to drag the child up from his pit, make sandwiches, fold the clothes in the tumbedrier, and sort the dishwasher.  House doesn't keep it's own self!

See.  *blearh*

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