Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have sewn.... And it was gooooooood!

Yesterday I decided to make a costume for T-boy for Saturday's St George's party. I'm very proud of my heritage. As Al Murray would say "British by birth, English by the grace of God!" ;*)

So I bought some material (and a bit extra for a bag!) and set about it. A few hours later, there is a tunic, complete with red cross, "chain mail" effect undershirt and hood, and a belt. Accidentally along the way, I had also made a very small square 'quiltlette' I.e. Not big enough to be a quilt for anything but a dolly!

Sewing felt so good though. I haven't sewn for so long, almost a year, and I just let my fingers get on with it, and they remembered how to thread up the machine, load a bobbin, feed the material through, and so on. It was like a very cool version of auto pilot. Very cool.

I will add in pictures later, but we're at flying.

The rest of the day was lovely as well. Mostly lovely. We went to Holiday Club. We went to the park. We went for lunch at the sit in chippy, and AC and I had fish and chips and T-boy had fish and didn't eat that, but it's ok, it's ok, it's just one of those things. I keep telling myself at and eventually I'll believe it.......

*deep breaths*

Rachel came round after lunch for a bit, and that was nice but very unproductive for me! I have a thousand and one things to do, but as Caroline said, the list just doesn't seem to get any shorter!

Laters my lovelies, I should be working.......

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Mummy@Bod for tea said...

"... but we're at flying." Flying?? I've clearly missed something here... glad you had fun sewing again :D