Friday, April 8, 2011

No blog since Tuesday? Really?

I was sure I blogged Wednesday, but clearly I didn't.

In face Wednesday went to the wall because J and I walked the Adorable Child up to school, and then I was asked to go to the staffroom, and they had flowers for me! How sweet is that! Seriously, it's two weeks for keyhole surgery, but I was quite chuffed. We saw lots of children (yes, it's a school!) we saw several parents that wanted a quick word, and j was getting a little irritated, so Rachel shouted to see if we wanted a lift home to give me a reason to go. Teaching is a vocation, it's a way of life. I hold these childrens hearts and futures in my hands for a year, and I consider myself to be in Loco Parentis. This needs a post of its own.

So Rachel came round and we did nothing all day. Oh, we went to Tesco. We were almost out of teabags! Rachel went into work at 1200, and was back here at 1330, then took the children to KSW at 1600. She's done so much running around for us whilst I've been off my feet.

Thursday started at 0320,with the dreaded call of "Muuuuuummmmmyyyyy." and the gurgling noise. I got in there to find that he was being sick. I love my son. His bed has at least 3 duvets and 4 blankets on it. It usually has at least 10-15 books underneath these various layers, a bit like mining for gold. It has a few cuddly toys on it. I'll be honest - some of the dread of him being sick comes from the washing that could ensue.

I had to wash the sheet.

That was it.

He had shoved everything else away from him with his feet, so that it wasn't near him, and chosen to be sick on his own leg rather than everything else.

I love him lol!

So I showered him, stripped his bed, put it in the washing machine and we curled up on the sofa, on the jeans blanket, and he went to sleep. HE went to sleep. I didn't.......

Obviously he's not allowed back to school for 48 hours, although there has been no reoccurrence of the events. I phoned school to say he could go back, he was clearly fine, but rules are rules lol! His holidays started early!

So yesterday we had the Being Ill rules whilst it was school time, (mummy tv, if any, nothing exciting to eat, no big toys out, quiet time every hour) and then I relaxed them once it was clear he was fine and just not allowed back.

Today we need to go back to town, up to the solicitor to drop some paperwork off, pack for Leamington and go.

Oh, and two weeks after the op, exactly, I can now get my toes on my nose again. Flexibility is back. Walking is tricky in places, but hey - who cares! It'll come. I keep holding tha lads at Headly Court in my heart and mind. I'll get better. They'll just learn to survive differently. They are brave strong souls who put it all on the line. I had keyhole surgery for a torn cartilage. Perspective is a good thing lol!

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Chef Penny said...

Perspective is a good thing and so happy that you are doing well! Missed you!