Monday, April 11, 2011

Apparently, my network is not ready for online posting from my iPhone. *sigh*


I, however, am perfectly ready.

And now I'm sitting here, looking at the screen with so much to write I don't know where to begin!

How about the ongoing DVLA saga? How about starting with that?

A little background for my newest readers......

17July09 He died on his bike. He was riding safely, the bike was the best kept they'd seen in a while, there were no idiots around him, but he came off and died. The Police informed the coroner, and DVLA.

AUG 09 I inform DVLA of his death, and ask about what happens with the 2 RangeRovers, 1 Discovery, that are here. (the Landy was mine). They inform me that all is under control, they need a copy of the Death Certificate, but agree to wait until Dec 09 when the inquest has happen as I have no certificate until then. They grasp this quite quickly, unlike The She-ex.

DEC 09. I send them a DC, and as far as I am concerned the job is done. I have been informed by his brother and the She-ex that I am not the next of kin, and certain devious acts have been performed that show exactly why he had nothing to do with either of them any more.

Mar 10. I start getting reminders, addressed to him, to tax the cars. I phone DVLA after each one to let them know the situation. I am not next of kin. I provide the She-Ex's details.

AUG 10 I start getting debt collection letters threatening him with all sorts of strife and court and bailiffs and so on. I am not next of kin. I provide the She-Ex's details.

NOV 10 I start getting letters again, addressed to him, He still hasn't taxed the cars. I phone DVLA and inform them that he is still dead.

JAN 11 I start another round of letters from debt collectors. He still hasn't taxed the cars. I phone them and inform them that he is still dead.

FEB\MAR 11 through a series of phone calls I establish the cause of the problem. DVLA know that he is dead as far as the bike is concerned. However, DVLAs computer is 3 chips short of a motherboard, and cannot understand that if he is dead for one vehicle, he's dead for all of them. No, really, he is. I send another copy of the DC to them, listing reg numbers, descriptions, etc of cars.

17th MAR 11 I receive a letter, stating that it has all been sorted out, and that I am not responsible for anything. 20 months TO THE DAY that he died.

8th April 11 - as in Friday. I get a letter from a debt collection agency, addressed to him. He is still a bad bad boy. He still hasn't paid the car tax. I lose the plot, phone the debt collection agency, tell them hes still dead, they all but accuse me of lying, I tell them to stick it, take us to court, I'll be there, with the newspapers, to show how they are treating a grieving family, and the She-ex can pay the court costs if we lose - she's next of kin, after all!

I phone DVLA, sobbing, to beg them to sort this out and make it stop. DVLA promise to do so, and to write to me to tell me that it has been done.

We go away, as we do, every other Friday, for the weekend. We come back to an apology and expression of condolences letter from DVLA. Addressed to me, as Mrs his-surname. I'm not her. She ran away to the States 4 years before he died, preventing Rich and his daughter from ever seeing each other again, and is now enjoying playing the grieving Forces widow, with the pension and so on, because she refused to divorce him.

J has gone ballistic and has written to our MP!

And so the DVLA saga continues!

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Mummy@Bod for tea said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. What a bunch of useless idiots!! Another case of left hand not knowing what right hand is doing. Hope it all gets sorted out for you soon x

maddydodo said...

What a horrible situation! How long the saga continued beggars belief! Hope the letter to the MP helps. x