Saturday, April 2, 2011

Out of the house!

I actually went out of the house yesterday.

Shock! Horror!

We went up to the solicitors, and that went really well. Obviously I can't talk about it on here, but she is going to be in for a big surprise. Part of me says it's unkind to go after her in this way, because she's now a single mother, like I was. On the other hand, she hurt so many people, and lied so much, that in a way, it's like a toddler - if you don't tell them they are wrong, and if there are no consequences to their wrong behaviour, then they won't learn.


We then went up to town, and had a quick look in the new Primark - which will be lovely I'm sure once they get sorted out a bit. They've wanted into this town for ages apparently, and it's put new jobs out there for mothers from school, so I'm all for it, plus I'll be able to get school trousers for the AC that actually fit!

I'm feeling more confident in my body structure as well, so I'm looking at some of the things they have and thinking, yeah, for show season, I would love to wear that - get out of the sleeping bag, pull on undies, leggings, shortie dress, and go! I have good legs (they aren't great legs, but come on, I'm 36!) and leggings suit them. Some big boots, and a fat jumper or hoodie, and I'd be rocking it as a older camper van mum!

Oh the camper?

We are so nearly there with owning the camper. We need to get the solicitor stuff sorted out, but even if we don't, we've almost saved enough to do it a anyway.

This is such a rambling post.

Oh yes - Ruby. I've only seen the advert, but seriously "I never realised I'd put on 60lbs?". I've out on 10lbs since my leg has reduced me to a shuffle not a proper walk, and I can feel it everywhere! It's coming off just as soon as I can move properly. I won't diet or exercise it off, it'll just happen because I'll eat less crap because I won't be glued to the sofa, and I'll be able to move with the kids again.

Now having read this, it's a really narcissistic post! Everyone gets a little self centred now and again, and when the AC is at the He-Ex's for the weekend, I get like that a little. I miss him, and whilst I enjoy the time that J and I have as just us, I miss him.

That's all good though, because on Sunday he'll be home. I should be working, but I might see what I can make twitter do, and currently, it's nothing. Grrrrrrr!

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