Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ripping off the family.

At the weekend we went to Hatton Country World.

The children really enjoyed it, J had a good time, there were sheep to feed and pigs and lambs and a tractor ride and so on.

I enjoyed it, except for one thing.

The cost.

Adults £10.95
children £12.95

So for all four of us, there wasn't much change from £50. Add to that the outrageous cost of the food (£3.95 for 1 sausage, half scoop peas, half scoop carrots and 15 chips) and it was an expensive day out. But a good one.

However, this means that one good day out like this will prevent us having more good days out later, because we just can't afford it.

When will these companies get off with ripping off the family? This attitude means that in the end, the companies will lose out as more and more families tighten their belts. Is it really their faults though? Are they just passing on the costs from the insurance that is required now that the blame culture is so firmly entrenched in British lives? Is it the cost of fuel? Or food? Or whatever, that means they have to charge £13 for anyone over 2?

We won't be going back. And my lesson is learned. I'll be looking for more vouchers on the net before we go anywhere again.

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Caroline said...

It's a shame that such places overcharge so hugely, isn't it? I avoid them like the plague when at all possible, though it's sad, because the kids love them.