Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exhausted but struggling on

I am such a martyr lol!

The AC has had his first grim cough for over a year.  Last night was the break night though, which means that it should just get better from now.

The nights are.....

Night of Suspicion - is this cough deepening?
Night of Dread - This is *that* cough - we are up, off and on, bed is propped, juice and so on put by the bed.
Long night - we are up, most of the night.
Night of Exhaustion - we are up, most of the night.
Break Night - the coughing comes in shorter stages, with an hour or so of uninterrupted sleep in between.  This marks the beginning of the end!
Maybe night - he might cough, he might not.

In the past he's had suspected croup, suspected whooping cough, suspected bronchitis, suspected trachealitis,  and no one is really sure what it is.  What I know is it used to come every 6-8 weeks, and this is the first time in a year.

The weekend wasn't restful either, as I worked almost all of it, and struggled with T-Boy, who, thankfully, played up in such a way that everyone else saw it too.  Some people suggest the origin is the mother, but I don't see it myself.  *throws hands up* who knows!

Anyway, it's my half teaching day today, so it's not all bad.  I'm away to town afterwards to put money in the bank, and sort out a few things.   Just got to shift this headache before I go in with the children this morning!

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bod for tea said...

Oh hun, sorry to hear about the cough! DD has just gotten over one too. Hope he's better soon. For both your sakes :D