Friday, May 13, 2011

Rock and rolling along.....

We're in the shop. I walked down to meet J because I knew they'd end up modelling tonight if they want to fly tomorrow, so I phoned, picked up chips on the way for everyone, and came down.

To get chips I had to go past where Rich and I first lived. I moved in there when I first had to leave the married quarter that AC's dad and I lived in. Rich was a very frequent visitor, living there by the end almost, and we had some good times there. It was very tiny, but it suited us. It was where the Landy's were delivered to, and where I first made pasties for him. It was where we cried together about the end of our marriages, and where we both realised just how badly we had been taken for a ride by the people that we loved. It was where we talked over how we had been betrayed by them and where we realised that we were the only people we could trust.

It was where we realised how we felt about each other.


I had to stop there, and have a cry, and wrap myself in the memory of how much we loved each other. He always told me how much better I'd made his life, and how much it meant to finally have an 'other half'. One of the things that was said after his death was that we'd never had a bad word to say about each other, and that this person had often wished for a love like ours.

And now I'll have to write about something else. Or I'll cry again. It's not a reflection on J and I, we're concrete together, and our life is good. But Rich was such an amazing man, and a wonderful friend, and they don't come along that often.


In other news, I tried video blogging the other day. I've got to work out the technical aspects, but I think it could be the way forward. Not today though. Today I have a to-do list as long as my sofa!

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