Sunday, May 15, 2011

Video blogging, and other thoughts,

I liked video blogging yesterday, it was simple enough to do on my iPhone3Gs, and it uploaded quickly enough. But.....


The anonymity is GONE! In most of what I talk about that's fine by me. But is it fine for my child? On the other hand there are already photos and so on up here.

What if the format changes? Already I know people who lost beautiful things when VHS went DVD. How will changes affect it?

I can't pick it up at a later date to carry on, or reread bits to see if the words are what I wanted to say. Bt the. Should I be self censoring? I know we all do in a way, but should I be when the blog is about what I think and feel?

Will I end up like Jackson on Emmerdale? Talking to myself! Does anyone have the time to watch video blogs if, like me, they can read quicker than other people talk?

It won't be private in the house - at the moment I can blog anywhere and the others assume I am working!

Maybe it.s not all or nothing though. Maybe it would be something I could do when I'm alone, or just wanting to see where the thoughts take me. Maybe it's an ideal way of blogging about her Daddy to BG, not that her mummy would ever let her watch them.

I shall think about it some more. What do you think?

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