Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sinking into a quiet place.

I've been in, and am in, and will be in for a while, one of those spaces.

The quiet ones where I'm gently pottering along and everything makes sense and life is made to be good, and I quietly suceed at things, and emotionally I am waiting to see what will happen, and on the outside I am serene.  Serene and calm.  Serene and calm and under control.

Again it is September.  We are heading to the second birthday with noone to celebrate it for.  We are heading to the 6th anniversary of the BG being taken away in the way that she was, deliberately from her father and so that she never saw him again.  Obviously the She-Ex had no reason to believe that Rich would die, but she made no effort for the BG to come here, was very discouraging about us going there, (and I firmly believe that the person who removes the child for their own selfish reason has the moral responsibility to enable the relationship between the child and the abandoned parent to continue to be important. Rich and I, and now J and I, have always worked to make sure that the AC has a good relationship with his father, no matter what his father wants lol!


Looks like I'm still bitter about the theft of his relationship with his daughter.  Oh well.  I'm sure she'll think I should have got over it by now.



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