Tuesday, January 10, 2012


...... Is tomorrow. I'm already excited, already thinking about the visit planning session tonight, just want to be there and doing it lol!

Rich and I went for several years together, when he was a governor at the AC's school. Ru has been with me once, but this is the first year I will be going on my own. It doesn't phase me as such, although I enjoy having someone there to share it with, like any exciting thing I suppose. I'm looking into cashless pay systems (yawn) and admin systems (double yawn) and scanner mice (YAY!) and new interactive whiteboard software (DOUBLE YAY WITH EGGS ON TOP!) and other than that, I'm just looking. Oh, and getting my free mug from the lovely people at educationcity.com, who do the best mugs ever, and we have a long term contract with them, organised by me this year, replacing the one that Rich and I put together at BETT2009.

I also spent a large portion of my day dealing with a distressed mother yesterday. I won't go into details here, but I'd have loved to say to David Cameron "THIS is what we do as well!". We ended up at A&E in the end, and itwillallbefine, but *sigh* it was a real moment of "there but for the grace of God go I.".

I suppose it's all in how we deal with stress and pain and loss. If it is our nature to survive and overcome, then we can. If it is in our nature to crumble, and not see how to try and survive, then maybe that's what we do. But then part of my disagrees with that, because I have known several "give up" types, who can be supported through a crisis and shown the right track and who can take it and become more optimistic people because this thing worked out this time. Rich was definately one of those, and he was so happy in his last years here. J can be like that, and just has to get the trauma of the situation out of his system before a solution can even be suggested.

I am (painfully for some lol) optimistic, that there is always a way through, that there is a purpose, that there has to be a shiny side to this situation, whatever it is.

It's ok. Sometimes I annoy myself with it as well. But sometimes, I can give hope to someone else, and I'm praying that's what happened last night.

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