Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Day Back

Yesterday was the first day with the children in.  Tuesday was the first day back for staff.  Both days have lef tme feeling so very tired.  I know it isn't helped by the weather, which is very wet and windy and all over the place.  It must have woken me up about 15 times last night.

The children were fine.  There was the usual range of "I haven't got..... because......" and I carefully ignored all but the relevant bits.  Most of my children would be fine if their parents would let them grow up a bit.

Speaking of growing up, the child is now in age 9 trousers.  He was 8 in June, and has a pair of age 9 trousers on for school.  I am amazed by this.  It looks like he may fulfill his ambition of being "tall like Richard."

I also need to email Rich's brother, I-t-B to find out if he wants these bits of Rich's fathers. I am reluctant to open any cans of worms, but it wouldn't be fair just to get rid of stuff if he actually wants it.  I mean, I'd be ashamed of myself too, if I was him, but then I would hope that I could see the other person would have forgiven me by now.


This is a really bleaugh post.

Sorry!  I'll check the meme. 

It's not up yet.  I'll do it later!

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