Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fourth post in 2 days!

We've been swimming.

Aren't I a good mummy! Yay me!

Actually, I really enjoyed it.  The refurbishment on our local pool has made it much nicer and whilst the big pool is still Very Very Very Cold, the little pool is great.  Best of all, the AC swam a width. 7.5m on his back and on his front.  He's done really, really well.  He's also putting his head all the way under the water.

He also has size 2 feet now, which meant new wellies and new trainers.  £43 total.  Boys are expensive!  They just keep growing!


and then I went to sleep
At 4 in the afternoon
on the sofa
in the middle of doing something.
Now I feel better, but I have to get on with the painting, so laters taters!

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