Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Manic Monday?

Yesterday I.......

*wrote a blog post about why I should not be taking Syndol.  I have avoided it all day yesterday but had to have a nurofen this morning as the end of the coldy fluey thing has turned into earache.
*started an email to Rich's ex-wife.
*tried to get the lid off the paint
*tried again with the paint lid.
*joined in with Katetakes5's listography, by doing a second post for the day
*tried again with the paint lid, and succeeded!
*restarted the email to Rich's ex-wife.
*painted the hallway downstairs, with the help of the AC.
*washed up the paint things.
*discovered I'd missed a massive bit which I shall do today when I do the stairs.
*ate lunch, prepared by the Adorable Child.
*pulled out loads of fabric for school projects.
*started a quilt as you go project just to see if I can do this with the children.
*reworked some of the email to Rich's ex-wife.
*took the boy to the park
*cooked tea (shepherds pie)
*welcomed my man home
*read and commented on mugs from Kates listography.
*snuggled with my man.
*tacked my not very square squares.
*went to bed.

This morning so far I have
*sent the email to Rich's ex-wife.
*read more mug blogs.

I have a lot to do today, but I intend to write a more interesting blog later (well, more interesting in my opinion!) as well as paint the stairs, make a cake, embellish those squares as demo bits for school, and snuggle the boychild some more.

Laters taters!

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