Saturday, February 4, 2012

pootling and pondering

I'm up very early for a Saturday, and not feeling fabulous.  I will do later, I'm sure as this is just a temporary thing.

I don't know if one can suddenly develop an intolerance, but I think I might have done, and it's to one of my favourite foods - cheese.

Last night I had a pizza in a pizza wrapped in pizza covered in pizza.  I know Calzone is easier to write, but this place puts more pizza on top!  Today I have bellyache and am not going too far from the loo initially.  I know.  TMI right? lol!

Two weeks ago I did the same.  In between times, cheese on a jacket potato or whatever has given me gripping pains in my intestines and then unsociable outbursts. (not from my mouth.  Again, I know, TMI!)

So in an effort to change the subject, and distract myself, I have been pootling around blogs and going to a persons blogroll and finding the third person on their list, and going there, and then repeating the event.  Finding blogrolls has become pretty hard though!

Having just said that, I'm not sure how visible mine is.  I need to rework my blog anyway, so I'm off to the Britmums site because they've been tweeting about it on twitter.  I am loving twitter btw.  I'll link that into the blog remake as well!

And yes, I know this is a nothing post.  That's how I feel today!

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