Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wheel of life

Kate at The Five F's Blog has been doing a Life Circle focus on her blog since September.  I only discovered this this morning, having stumbled on her blog by roaming from place to place to place as I was up with my poorly stomach.

Although it started in September, she has kindly said that I can join in and catch up.  I have been thinking a lot about myself because of the course I have been doing with work about why I teach what I teach.  I thought I'd extend it out into my personal life because I think that now is a good time to be looking inside me and I'm fairly sure I can do it without crying.

The first section was The Wheel of Life.

As Kate points out, how would my wheel turn? Well, it would wobble like anything.

Romance - 9 - my man is lovely.  Amazing.  Hardworking.  Loving.  Lots of positive words.

Finance - 8 - we aren't too badly off.  We work hard, we both have jobs, we have enough money to pay what we need to pay and keep a bit back to spend on things we want.  It gets a lower mark because I am still in my overdraft every month, although that is getting better!

Environment - 7 - we're decorating and moving things around and I don't like it, but I know it'll be great when it's done.  Because I have work to do as well though, it's not getting done as fast as it should do.  Or if I'm doing that then I'm not working.

Friends and Family - After Rich died I really learnt who my friends and family were.  Well, my family were my family, and they were obviously going to be fabulous, because I have a fabulous family.  They have been fabulous forever, and always will be.  Friends, well, they altered.  Some that were more mates became friends.  Some that were friends have drifted away, because they didn't know what to say.  I've also met new people since being with J, and that means that I have friends that are our friends, who don't know the Darkness of the Dark Times after the accident.  In some ways, that is refreshing.

Personal Development - 5- now we're getting to the nitty gritty......  I'm on a course at the moment, and it's making me look at how I teach, and why I teach what I teach.  In my own life though, my not a teacher life, I'm finding a gap.  My not-so-much-a-mother gap (now that the AC is 8) was going to be filled with quilting and knitting and so forth, but instead is filled with work.  My reading-on-the-ipad-is-quicker gap is filled with work.  My evenings are filled with work.  My early mornings are filled with work.  Could it be I work too much?

Health - 6 - I'm up and down.  My knee is increasingly painful, which could mean another operation.  I feel sick after almost everything I eat now.  The lump on my head is getting larger.  Some things are improving with the change in diet and the caffiene headache only took 5 days, but I'm not right.  I could always go to the doctor!  I live in England, we have an NHS to be proud of.  I just...... I don't know.  it might even be just finding the time.

Career - 8 - I love my job.  I know.  Look at the PD section.  But I do.  I love being with the children, I love teaching, I love the SEN aspect, I love the results, but the amount of work is getting me right down in the dumps, particularly because most of it is pointless.  Utterly pointless.  More pointless than that.  However, I've ordered a daybook which will make life a bit easier for me personally and for the TA's, but will mean a tiny bit more work - but more work which makes sense, as opposed to more work which doesn't.

Fun and Recreation - 5 - It's not a great score.  Some of that is winter related - we don't go up to the flying field in the winter, I don't spend my weekends sat in the sunshine (working) chatting to people about everything then eating picnics and chilling out.  I want to do more stuff for me.  But I'm working.

I seem to be blaming that for everything :-(  I keep being told to work smarter - but how?

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