Monday, March 12, 2012

How I met your father..... part1

Dear BG,

The first time I met your father, it was 14th February 2005.  I'd been shopping in town with your mother for a dress to go to the Sergeants Mess Valentines Ball with the AC's dad.  We went back to your house for coffee for a change.

At the time, your family and my family loved on the same street, about a minute apart and round the corner slightly.  We had 3 bedroom houses with slightly different layouts - but not that different, because the RAF aren't that inventive.  I'd met your mother at toddlers, when the AC had attempted to climb a stack of chairs.  He was like that then - he was 18 months old.  You were a reserved child, but you had the most amazingly gorgeous eyes and face.  I expect you still have - but you are no longer 2, you are nearly 10.

Anyway, this is about how I met your father.  We went back to your house, your mother sent us all into the living room whilst she made some tea, and there was a bottom sticking out from under a computer desk.  The AC needed feeding, and he was still breastfed, so I politely asked your mum if it would be ok.  She shouted to your dad about me feeding the AC, and there was a mumble of "Fine by me" from under the desk.

Clearly, he didn't know the AC was a breastfed baby.  That much was obvious from the way that his face looked when he backed out from under the computer desk, turned around, and got a full frontal view of my chest, as I wrestled the AC for control of my T-shirt.  He blushed.  I swear, Princess, he did.

He recovered quickly, and we chatted about nothing whilst the AC finished his snack, and then we had a brew and went home.  Nothing special!

He and I both thought we'd met someone nice, someone friendly, but as we discussed later, we weren't looking outside of our own relationships, so it never occurred to either of us that there was anything else to look at.  He did admit to me that he had thought I was pretty in passing, and he admired me for breastfeeding anywhere AC and I needed to.  I admitted to him that I had thought he was a fairly handsome man, in passing, but incredibly tall!

So there you go.  That's how I met your father.  I'm going to carry on this series so that you know what happened, because you and I may never meet again, even though I want to, and I will always be here for you if you need me, or want to ask anything.

Love and hugs Princess,


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Chef Penny said...

I know it's not for me but I will enjoy reading this series!