Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early morning

Having written last night's posts about how I met BG's father I then got on with more work.

I was working with half my brain and reminiscing with the other half.  Yep.  I am woman, see me multitask!

So the next bit will be written over the next couple of days, because one of the things I am going to do with this account is make it relevant and truthful.  There have been a lot of misconceptions allowed to arise (see, I didn't say lies!) and I want her to know the truth.  To have a chance to know the truth.  I want to know I've done everything I can.

So now I'm on the next bit, which is The Bit Where Nothing Happens Contrary To Suspicious People's Minds.  The posts will just have what I'm writing to BG on it.  Any commentary will be in a different post, because that's opinion, not fact!

And when I first met him, yes, I thought he was a handsome lad, but I was living on an RAF base surrounded by handsome lads in uniform, so, aside from being very tall and with a gorgeous sense of humour that really made me laugh, there wasn't a lot to say!

Now I have to upload APP.  I have to.  See me do it.


Did you see me working?

No.  Me either.......

How 'bout now?

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