Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peg looms and parcels

A couple of days ago we had a card through the door to say there was a parcel for me.  I wasn't expecting anything, but I went to pick it up.

It was a big bag, but a quick look at the sticker on the outside told me it wasn't for me, it was for the child.  It was a Scotty parcel.

For anyone who doesn't know, Scotty's Little Soldiers is a charity created by Nikki Scott, the widow of Lance-Corporal Scott, who was killed in Afghanistan 10/7/09.  That was a week before Rich died.  She has young children, she understands the pain, and even more than that, she wanted to do something for the children that a military death leaves behind.  Their tagline "Make their children smile" is seen all over the place now.  The AC and I are one of the Scotty families,  and this is a fabulous thing - this is someone taking the AC's pain seriously, and not saying as Rich's own family did, that because the AC wasn't a blood relative then he didn't matter.  Yes, his aunt *actually* said that, about a sobbing 6 year old.  Actually said that their relationship didn't matter.

Anyway, before I get irritated by the memory of that nasty old woman and the selfish and plain mean acts that his family caused to happen around his Celebration that not even the She-Ex agreed with, I shall move back to the Scotty parcel.....

See the Smiling Face of the Child.  (and the Scotty sticker that means that parcel is not for me!)

Inside the parcel?  A snuggly dog, now called Dizzy after one of Rich's dogs, (I wonder if the BG still has the Dizzy that we made her at Build-A-Bear which has Rich's voice in it?  I doubt it.) a Horrible Science kit, which makes volcanoes, a letter and a card.  Lovely.  Just............. lovely.

Oh, and yesterday the children and I made our prototype peg loom.  Today we look at it, evaluate it, and make the big ones. But it's cool.  They were good with the tools, and concentrated well.

I love my job! (yes we were supposed to look at pictures of looms, but what fun is that?)

Right.  I should be getting on. Laters taters!

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