Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How I met your father Part 2

I met your father in February 2009.  I didn't think a lot about it, because he was only the husband of my friend, the father of my friend's child, and someone I didn't see very much.  He was always polite, always funny, always had a big cuddle for his Princess.

We started to see each other more when between the four of us - your Daddy and mum, and AC's dad and I, we decided to reinvent the Roleplaying Club at the RAF base we all lived at.  I loved RolePlay, and so did your Daddy, wheras Sam's dad and your mum didn't want to know so much, and that was fine.  There was about 8 of us who played in the Church Rooms, and we played all sorts of things.  I made coffee and tea whenever it was needed, and it was later on that your Daddy said that was one of the things that first made him really notice me as a good friend - I was able to anticipate his needs.  I pointed out that anyone could notice an empty coffee cup and fill it.  He pointed out that no, not everybody did.

After we played we would all head up to the Families Bar for a beer before home.  Lee and your Daddy would walk me home (because it was dark and they were gentlemen) and we would talk about nothing, and everything, and how life was, and how you and the AC were growing up, and how pregnant Lee's missus was now and so on.  We just talked, a lot!  We talked about where we all wanted to be in the future, what had happened in their days, what was going on with all of our relationships.  We played "Top 5............." and laughed at each others choices for top 5 album, or top 5 meals.

We became the best of friends in a very short time, and we spent a lot of time together, the three of us.  I met Caroline, Lee's missus, and we became good friends, and over the years she has been the best friend I have ever had.

You and I saw each other every day at toddlers, or at baby gym, or at mine for lunch.  There was a lot that you and the AC got up to that made me laugh, a couple of things that made me despair, and a couple of things that made me want to cry, (but I didn't).  Your mother and I drank a lot of tea and hot chocolate together, talked about life together, watched you and the AC play, (except for the times that we didn't watch you, and you did things like spread cotton wool all over the floors upstairs and walked all over it so we couldn't get it out!) and we chilled out together.

That was February, March, April, May.  We all lived in each others houses, we all knew and liked each other, and although your mother has always wanted to believe that your Daddy and I were having an affair, we were married to other people, we loved those other people, and we knew that, yes, things were a little tricky at times, but all marriages have their rough spots, you just have to work hard at them and get through them, and that's what we were doing!

June was where it all started to get tricky, and I'll cover that on another day.

love and hugs Princess,


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