Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

It is a gorgeous day here in L.  We're away at J's parents so that he can see T-Boy for the weekend.  Next week we'll be here for a wedding, but without the boys.  The week after we'll be back to get the boys, then go to Norfolk for a couple of show days, then bring T-Boy back here.  That's going to be a lot of miles in the next few weeks.

However, and in other news, this weekend with T-Boy seems to be going quite well.  He has been affectionate without being in trouble first, and has not been as winge-ful as he can be. I know we haven't had lunch yet, but I'm feeling optomistic towards that at the moment as well!  It's beef, which he has learnt to eat at our house, and veggies, and yorkshires. Should be all good.

Times like this, I almost think that we can get through this stage of his development, and that everything will turn out ok.  I almost don't want to type that though, as usually when I do something happens that means he has a major strop, and it's all not-good again.

Ah well.

Work calls. (and then swimming! YAY!)

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